Spy GPS Google Map

Spy GPS Google Map For me, I’d love using this to track my client calls on a day-to-day basis. I could easily go back and see where I was on any given day and even map out future trips more efficiently by reviewing my various calls.

The second type of GPS tracking devices provided by Spy GPS in is a device that retrieves all vehicular information. This device is simply installed by plugging the included cable into the OBD II data port which is usually under the steering wheel of your vehicle. An extended Y Cable can be purchased in order to better hide the cable. This GPS tracking device updates every 60 seconds. Text or email alerts may also be sent if requested. This GPS device requires no installation, no wires, no programming, and no software to purchase or install. It works on any Mac, PC, Ipad, or Smartphone. This live GPS tracking device is a viable alternative to the Micro Tracker GPS.

The best part of this service is that it’s free. The founders of 3d Tracking tell us, “We will never charge you for either download or use of our applications, for transmitting data to our servers or for viewing live or historic maps through our Web site.” Free means free! Just too cool, you know what I mean?

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